About this project…

This project was set up by Sustainable Redland, helped by a supporting grant from Bristol City Council, to assist in creating an ‘open street’ outside residents’ homes in the Redland / Cotham area of Bristol.

For full details, please go to the new website:


What it is for…

Helping neighbours, whatever age, reclaim their home street for a day (or even a few hours). Working together to create more resident friendly road – enjoy the space to celebrate, chat, walk, bike, dance or play.

There are many ways to make this happen
whether you wish to

  • only claim a few roadside parking places by laying out
    artificial grass to drink tea and eat cake, swap plants or ideas
  • or temporarily open the entire street for the residents to
    celebrate together, start a ‘playing out’ scheme
    or just enjoy a vehicle free day.

What we would like…

We hope by promoting these opportunities, just by temporarily allowing people to dominate the road space, it can build positive relationships between neighbours, so strengthen a sense of community spirit and enthusiasm about their locality.